Monday, December 9, 2013

Samsung cracks the 1TB barrier with new 840 EVO mSATA SSD

1.8-inch mSATA drives uses 10nm manufacturing process and costs $500.

Samsung has announced it is bringing 1TB of storage to the Ultrabook world with its new 840 EVO mSATA SSD.

While technically the 840 EVO mSATA SSD only offers 960GB of storage capacity, it is much bigger than any other mSATA SSD drive on the market. Using Samsung’s fifth-generation MEX controller, Samsung says its new SSD has maximum read and write speeds of 540 MB/s and 530 MB/s respectively.

The new drive uses Samsung’s triple-level cell (TLC) flash, which is more economical than using single or multi level cell SSDs.

Samsung explains how it fits so much capacity on the drive in a posting on its blog. Here’s the important excerpt:
The new 840 EVO mSATA SSD utilizes Samsung’s advanced 128 gigabit (Gb) NAND flash memory based on 10 nanometer class * process technology. To form a 1TB version SSD, a total of four flash memory packages are used, each package having 16 layers of 128Gb chips. Based on the advanced memory technology, the 1TB mSATA SSD comes in a thickness of 3.85 millimeters and a weight of 8.5 grams, which are approximately 40 percent and a twelfth of a typical hard disk drive (HDD) respectively.

The Samsung 840 Evo mSATA SSD will be available as of January 2014. Samsung has not yet announced pricing details.

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