Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Used couch harbored large snake for two months without owner knowing

A Michigan woman finds her second-hand couch to be harboring a snake two months after she initially moved the furniture in.

Holly Wright recently found out that her used couch, which she picked up off the curb two months earlier, was actually housing a snake.* The snake remained dormant under the couch for months before it finally decided to crawl out.* Wright told the local WZZM-TV station that she had no idea the snake was snuggling up in between the cushion and bottom area of the couch.

“I picked this couch up off the street and it’s been in my bedroom for a couple months, and today we found a python inside the couch,” said Wright after she probed the reptile with a plastic coat hanger.

Wright reported that the snake died before it made it out of the couch, leading to the couch owner to believe the snake remained in the couch for so long because it was stuck—a truly unfortunate circumstance.

“It’s pretty big.* We don’t know what kind of snake it is for sure.” Wright added.* “Funny, my room almost feels a little empty now.* It’s been really sad actually to realize all this time I was in proximity to that animal (that) was probably suffering.”

Source: ABC news

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