Monday, December 30, 2013

Hackers involved in $60 million ATM heist arrested in Spain

A group of hackers responsible for stealing more than $60 million finally get busted by world authorities.

A group of Romanians and Moroccans living in the suburbs of Madrid was recently taken into custody by Spanish police because they allegedly took part in hacking various networks and cash machines to steal over $60 million.

Authorities worldwide collaborated in the investigation that eventually led to the capture of the tech-savvy thieves.* According to the police, the group stole roughly $40 million in just a few hours by withdrawing cash from 34,000 locations in 23 countries.* Of those 34,000 locations, almost $400,000 was taken out of 446 machines based in Madrid.

“Most of the organization was based in Spain has been dismantled,” Spanish police said in a statement. “I was starting to reorganize to carry out a similar attack in different European Union counties and even in Japan.”

The leader of the network, an IT expert, was reportedly arrested in Germany, but it appears that the network is still running—albeit at a lower level.

The people arrested recently in Madrid had thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, as well as unused credit/debit cards in their possession.

Source: Bloomberg

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