Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ubuntu shows off dual boot with Android support

Canonical, maker of the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system, opened the door to dual booting Ubuntu alongside the popular mobile OS, Google Android.

Canonical has announced a dual boot feature that supports Android for an upcoming version of Ubuntu. This feature is aimed towards current developers and experienced users, while regular users might not be able to properly with hardware and software setup will likely struggle.

“Installing and running dual boot can be done in a few easy steps,” Canonical posted in a blog.* “In a nutshell, it requires performing a one-off installation of the dual boot app in Android, which will enable you to both install the version of Ubuntu of your choice, and to reboot into Linux.”

Switching between each OS requires using a customized app that will quickly execute the change.* It’s a great benefit to have an easy-to-use, GUI-based method to switch OSes, as it often previously required command-line entries.

Home users will want to wait for developers to iron out early bugs, but is a great method for device owners to work in both environments. It will likely take a while before the tool finds his way into Ubuntu directly in the OS, so be patient and wait for future updates.

A Nexus 4 smartphone is required, though should be compatible with other Nexus products, according to reports. *Installation instructions and help available here, but don’t attempt it unless you have experience with computer engineering and software development.

Canonical continues to work on Ubuntu, as the popular Linux OS continues to woo Windows users towards open source solutions. Ubuntu, which is a simpler, more consumer-driven OS based off of Debian, is popular among end-users and corporate users that prefer Linux over Windows.

Source: Canonical

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