Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shapify.me uses Kinect to turn you into a 3D printed figure

Using Microsoft’s advanced Kinect sensor, the Shapify service allows gamers to purchase realistic 3D printed figurines of themselves and their friends.

If you’re anything like Raj and Howard on The Big Bang Theory, you’ve always wanted to have a figure of yourself. Fortunately there’s an option that avoids having to pick up an expensive 3D printer; the Shapify.me service from Artec Group has you covered.

How does it work?

The service is heavily reliant upon Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, making use of the device’s pinpoint pose-capturing to accurately render any given image, especially of people. The service currently supports Xbox 360 and Windows versions of Kinect.

To get the ball rolling, users scan a picture of themselves in any given pose, and use the free Shapify app software to put the finishing touches on their digital doppleganger. It’s also worth mentioning you’ll need to keep whatever pose you want captured for around a minute or so, as the Kinect captures you from multiple angles.

The finished product is a miniature figurine–not a full-scale action figure–but a small realistic rendition of you (or a loved one) to add to your collection. Oddly enough, Shapify doesn’t list the Xbox One’s Kinect 2.0 sensor as a supported product–but it’ll be interesting to see how this takes off in the future, especially on a broader scale.

Be sure to visit Shapify.me to check out the methods behind fabricating a mini-you, especially if you’ve always wanted to have a teeny version of yourself in a favorite Halloween get-up.

This is a unique and memorable way to immortalize someone (or even an occasion, say in your self-made Comic-Con cosplay outfit?) without having to take a snapshot–but the somewhat hefty price-tag might ensure you only have two or three of these miniatures laying about.

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