Thursday, December 26, 2013

Apple 'Fukubukuro' 2014 sale in Japan starts on Jan. 2

Customers in Japan will be able to purchase “Fukubukuro” or Lucky Bags from Apple on January 2.

The Lucky Bags are an integral part of Japan’s new year festivities. A number of retailers in the country sell Fukubukuro, basically an assortment of various products that are sold altogether in one bag. Customers pay for the entire bag, not the products inside and often this can result in getting more bang for their buck.*Apple has taken part in this tradition for quite some time now, and it will continue to do so the coming year as well. The sale is only limited to Apple customers in Japan and will be offered be select Apple retail stores in the country.

On January 2, Apple will begin selling the Lucky Bags through select stores for 36,000 yen, which roughly equals US$345.*The company doesn’t reveal what’s inside each bag, because there is no specific set of products that go into one bag. In previous years, most customers got iPods, t-shirts and accessories where a lucky few even got premium devices like the MacBook Air or the iPad in their Lucky Bags. Given Apple’s strong brand position in Japan, the company’s Fukubukuro sale is very popular and customers are often seen lining up the night before outside Apple retail stores.

It is not unusual for Apple to run country specific promotions, the company often also runs traditional promotions in its stores during the Chinese new year.

Source: Macrumors

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