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Sony's London Studio crafting new 'high-profile' IP for PS4

Recent job listings for SCE London Studio indicate that the first-party branch is working on an exciting new exclusive IP for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s in-house first-party UK dev studio, London Studio, has been posting up interesting job listings that glean a bit of info about their upcoming project.

Earlier this year, the overseas studio was busy piecing together an advanced graphics library to serve as a foundation for PlayStation 4 games. Thanks to the job listings, we’ve spotted some hints on the studio’s upcoming newly exclusive IP for the next-gen platform.

In terms of relation, SCE London is the overseas cousin to SCEA’s Santa Monica studio; it’s always helping developers actualize and refine their games utilizing the studio’s array of tools (including the massive graphics library). The London Studio has worked on many projects of this nature in the past, and has actively contributed to *The Playroom, the*PS4′s interactive camera-based game.

Although assisting, collaborating and providing devs with console-specific tools is a big part of SCE London’s duties, one tea”m at the UK-based branch is building a fresh new IP that may shake the foundations of the console realm and prove to be a big contender for the platform.

The news is gleaned from a recent job listing for an Assistant/Associate Producer at SCE London, which states the following:
“Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is looking for an enthusiastic Assistant or Associate Producer to join a new team working on new IP for the next-generation of gaming.

“The work is highly varied and a great opportunity to work with SCEE’s development studios on a very high-profile project whilst learning more about the broader video games industry.”

The listing clearly states that a new IP is in the works, and that it’s quite a big deal for Sony. More listings reflect the nature of the IP, although in a more foggy way:
“Building on over eighteen years at the forefront of PlayStation development, we’re now embarking on exciting new concepts that will push creativity, user-experience, and technology to incredible new heights.

“This is a great opportunity for a game-play programmer to join our project team at the beginnings of a new title – helping to define, and ultimately deliver, a completely new PS4 experience for the studio.”

As the studio itself is broken up into specific sectors wherein different teams handle different projects, we might see details of the new IP sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, in the recent PS Blogcast ,*VP of Developer and Publisher Relations*Adam Boyes shared a brief impression on a new PS4 game he previewed. According to Boyes, the game was so good it make him “lose his mind”:
“I got a chance to have a super sneak peek of a game that’s coming up and I’d lost my mind, it was amazing. I can’t say what it is, but… [it's] for PS4.”

Could this have anything to do with the new IP that SCE London is cooking up?

All the way back in October, *the*footage in the*PS4 | Best Place to Play trailer*states that “14 award-winning studios are creating exclusive games for the PS4″ and is followed by a roll-call of first-party development studios. Among these were the overseas studios–Japan Studio and London Studio–which reinforces that the UK branch is building something unique.

While it’s not a total surprise that the studio is working on something new–both SCEA Santa Monica and SCE London Studios have been busily aiding developers with the PS4–details are less than scarce at the moment. All we know is that there’s something in the works, and it’s going to be prestigious.

But this isn’t the only ace up Sony’s sleeve.

According to Sony exec Guy Longworth, the Japanese gaming giant still has a lot of unannounced PS4 exclusives in its armament: “We’re working on [new games] and have some epic stuff still underwraps… can’t wait for E3 now!”

SCE London Studio’s new exclusive IP is no-doubt one instance of the “epic stuff” that Longworth teases for the future of the console, and gamers across the world are looking forward to the coming months with avid anticipation. The PS4 is still in its early stages, and its future is looking to be star-studded and full of possibilities–many of which will help define the system as a whole.

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