Monday, December 23, 2013

Take a look at SandForce’s upcoming LSI SF3739 controller

SandForce’s new controller supports up to 2TB, 6.0 Gbps via SATA and a variety of encryption standards.

Last month, LSI unveiled a new series of SSD controllers to expand its SandForce line: the *SF3719, SF3729, SF3739 and SF3759.

LSI, a fabless semiconductor outfit, acquired SandForce in 2011 and integrated the company’s products into its existing lines.

VR-Zone recently received a sample unit of the SF3739 for testing.

The SF3739 is geared towards low to mid-range enterprise customers, with the*3759 being geared towards high-end customers needing more power. It supports a transfer rate of up to 6.0Gbps via SATA, PCIe X4, support for a variety of encryption protocols like Double XTS-AES-256 and Windows eDrive. It supports drives with older single level cell memory (SLC), multi level cell (MLC) memory as well as triple level cell (TLC).

We were unable to test the controller in VRZ labs, because it did not ship with finished firmware.

LSI hasn’t finalized a launch date for the SF3759. It was originally supposed to launch in the first quarter of 2014, but sources in the upstream supply chain in Taiwan say the launch may occur as late as the third quarter this year.

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