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25 minutes of 'Deep Down' footage sheds light on the monster-filled dungeons

Capcom Online Games unveils new footage and screenshots for the online free-to-play PS4 exclusive Deep Down, showcasing the game’s incredible graphics and unique visual style.

Deep Down *is Capcom Online Games’ upcoming free-to-play RPG that features randomized dungeons and medieval sentiments, capitalizing on a unique atmosphere while throwing in some behemoth baddies you might find in Dark Souls.

With the power of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the newly-built Panta Rhei engine, the studio is building an alluring multiplayer-based RPG*that incorporates a bevy of visual delights; from the eerie and dark atmospheres of the dungeons to the towering monstrosities that test your courage, there are many spectacular scenes to catch your eye.

The only catch is that there’s no official confirmation of Deep Down coming to the West, which is disconcerting–the website and trailer are both in Japanese–but given time it should cross overseas. The game is being developed in conjunction with SCE Japan Studio, and a beta should begin sometime next year.

To illustrate and showcase Deep Down‘s distinct style (and the power of the new Panta Rhei engine), Capcom has unleashed a few new screenshots along with a prologue trailer that sets the dark and ominous tone for the game.

We’re also privy to some substantial in-game footage that touches upon some of the different character classes–we clearly see a mage harnessing swirling bolts of lightning, confirming the existence of an arcanist–all of which are decked out on some pretty amazing-looking medieval armor.

If you want an even more substantial look at what Deep Down has to offer, check out this gameplay clip that features 25 minutes of dungeon-crawling action through Capcom’s randomized environments. The video captures everything from character creation to boss battles and everything in between, truly illuminating the specific mechanics to Deep Down.

The studio has already touched upon two of the main weapons that can be used in the game; the two-handed spear and sword-and-shield combo.

Both weapons are fearsome and have their own advantages; the spear, for example, can be aimed to unleash a ferocious jab which can disarm enemies. The classic sword-and-board combo has the advantage of both defensive and offensive capabilities, making it a traditional weapon-set for any adventurer.

Deep Down also affords gamers the chance to team up with one another to take on Cyclopean baddies, using their array of unique skill-sets and weapons to slay some fearsome foes. The trailer itself is brief, but it highlights some of the action-oriented boss-fights and sets the tone for the game itself, painting it as an impressive and quite different sort of game.

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No release date info has been revealed for Deep Down, and it will be coming to Japan first–with the possibility of crossing to North America and Europe later on. For more information including screenshots and videos, be sure to visit the game’s official website.

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