Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Research finds Apple one of the top two tablet vendors in Japan

Apple has increased its dominance over the tablet market in Japan.

Tablets are some of the most widely used mobile computing devices these days. Global tablet shipments are expected to increase substantially in the coming year as more customers opt for these mobile devices as opposed to now outdated options like the netbooks. The market is filled with high-end tablets such as the iPad, whereas the mid-range and low-end market is primarily catered to by Android tablets manufactured by a laundry list of OEMs.

In Japan, Digitimes Research finds Apple to be one of the top two tablet vendors in the country, ASUS being the other major vendor. This would also explain the dominance of market share based on operating system, the research finds that during January and October 2013 both iOS and Android accounted for more than 94.4 percent of the tablets in the Land of the Rising Sun. ASUS primarily manufacturers Android devices, though the company is expected to unveil a Windows-Android dual-boot tablet at CES 2014. Apple is the only company that makes the iPad.

Apple’s market share in Japan has surged this year, with the country being its fastest growing market. The company’s margins are 15 percent higher here than anywhere else in the world. It captured over 37 percent of the smartphone and 50 percent of the tablet market earlier this year.

Source: Digitimes

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