Monday, December 30, 2013

Alleged prototype of Apple's first ever iPhone fetches $1500 on eBay

A purported pre-production unit of the first generation iPhone was sold for online for $1500.

This isn’t the first time that someone has tried to sell a purported pre-production unit online. A number of similar iPhone units have surfaced online in the past as well, and eBay typically pulled those listings presumably at Apple’s request. This time around though a seller going by applefancollector, based in Australia, was able to make the sale. The device itself looks identical to the first generation iPhone, a smartphone that was unveiled to much fanfare by none other than the late Steve Jobs. Its safe to say that the smartphone turned out to be a colossal hit.

This particular unit seems to run an early version of iOS, which has also been spotted on similar pre-production models that have popped up online before. The software allows the user to test hardware functions of the iPhone, such as the touch sensor, display, battery, ambient light and proximity sensors and more. Apart from the special iOS version, signal bands of each radio housed in the device are etched on to the device’s backplate, the radios include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as four GSM bands that the original iPhone supported.

The seller doesn’t reveal exactly how this unit was obtained, but claimed in the listing that it is “near mint condition,” which is presumably one major factor that might have enticed the buyer to fork $1500, enough money to buy two factory unlocked 32GB iPhone 5S.

Source: eBay

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