Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Repairing 2013 Apple Mac Pro won't be too difficult

It has been found that the late 2013 Apple Mac Pro is actually quite easy to repair.

Apple makes some of the most popular products, its notebooks, tablets and smartphones are recognized around the world. The company is also known for making these devices extremely hard to repair, a task that an average joe who knows his way around a screwdriver probably won’t be able to do. Its an entirely different case with the new Mac Pro, as the folks at iFixit demonstrate, in fact they give it an 8 out of 10 on the repairability scale, with 10 being the easiest to repair.

They believe that the design of this computer resembles an aluminium soda can more than it does a trash can, as many have pointed out on the internet. Removing the outer casing is actually very easy, just one slide of the lock switch and its free, exposing the first layer of components. The RAM modules can be easily accessed so users will be able to upgrade them to 64GB, which is the highest you can go, quite easily. Its almost as easy to take out the SDD, requires just a turn of the screwdriver, exposing the flash controller and flash storage underneath. Going beyond the graphics card, which is secured by four screws and a clamp, one can find that the I/O port, logic board and the dual graphics cards are all connected to one single “daughter board” shaped like a disc. The power supply is wedged between the logic board and the I/O board and is said to be a little hard to remove. Digging through these components will take users to the CPU, which is already known to be removable.

iFixit performed its teardown on a $3,000 stock configuration Mac Pro, and while it says that the computer is easy to disassemble, it mentions that there are some proprietary new connectors and fairly tight cable routing that might confuse people going into the depths of their Mac Pro, which is why they should invest in a repair manual before taking the Mac Pro apart.

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