Monday, December 30, 2013

Archos to unveil $100 'pebble-like' smartwatch at CES 2014

Archos cooks up its own version of a smartwatch, adding yet another test product to the supposedly growing wearable market.

Tech companies, big and small, are thinking about smartwatches and other wearables as the smartphone sector has essentially become oversaturated.* Although quite a few big name companies such as Samsung and Sony have already released their own versions of smartwatches, the adoption rates of these devices are still minimal.

Archos, we can assume, is well aware of the buzz surrounding smartwatch, and have probably developed a device that will have decent battery life.* Moreover, one would also expect that the maker of budget tablets and phones to also be considerate of its following when it comes to the price of its smartwatch.* According to the company, Archos is looking at deploying smartwatches that are around the $100 price tag, which, in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, is a lot more affordable.

Not much else is currently known about the Archos smartwatch other than it’s a ‘pebble-like’ gadget.* If such is the case, the Archos smartwatch should come with some basic connectivity that will allow it to pair with a person’s smartphone or tablet.

While many companies have already debuted what they consider viable smartwear tech, Apple is still keeping its highly rumored iWatch under wrap.* The Cupertino-based maker of the iPhone has amassed a huge following in the mobile sector, so the eventual release of an Apple smartwatch is imminent.* Now, it’s just a matter of speculating as to the time frame of the iWatch’s release.

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