Saturday, December 14, 2013

iPhone Air and iPhone 6C concept videos try to predict the future

Who knows what the future holds, but concepts are surely fun to look at.

With 2013 wrapping up, focus and attention has now turned towards 2014 and all the great products we can expect the new year to bring. So far there have been a lot of rumors about what to expect from market leading companies as well as their rivals. Since Apple shook up things earlier this year by releasing two new iPhones at once, it remains to be seen if the company continues to do so over the next few years. So what can one expect from successors of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C? These new concept videos try to predict just that.

The iPhone 5S successor is believed to be called the iPhone Air. It surely wouldn’t be an unusual moniker, given the fact that Apple chose to call its fifth generation iPad the iPad Air. The company went with this moniker to signify the thinness of the tablet. This concept imagines that iPhone Air will be so thin that it would be apt to use the Air moniker here, and it is also likely to come with a larger display, which has been rumored quite a bit.

For the iPhone 5C successor, it is believed that the device will be called iPhone 6C. Since the “C” stands for colorful in the existing model, its likely that it may stand for curve. The iPhone 6C might come with a curved display, like the G Flex, though that just what the concept imagines. Apple has patented methods of producing curved displays, but it hasn’t officially confirmed any plans of making such a smartphone as yet. Even if the concepts might be far away from the reality, they’re interesting to watch, most of them are based on predictions and rumors that circulate about upcoming products.

Source: CNET

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