Thursday, December 12, 2013

Burn! Nokia hooks up Galaxy S4 user whose phone caught fire with a free Lumia

In yet another brilliant publicity move boosting its reputation while at the same time dissing on the competition, Nokia has offered an unfortunate Samsung Galaxy S4 owner a Lumia handheld completely free of charge.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? December 2, a disgruntled S4 user uploads a video to YouTube claiming his precious caught fire out of the blue while charging. The whole thing looked legit, especially as similar issues have been reported before, and the charging plug was totally melted, with a fair share of destruction hitting the actual device too.

It didn’t take long for the clip to blow up (pun intended), which prompted an almost unusually swift Samsung reply. Unfortunately… for the Koreans, but fortunately for those of us that feast on controversy and scandal, their reaction to the video failed to appease “Ghostlyrich” (aka Richard Wygand).

And so he made a second video, where he threw a few punches at Sammy for trying to silence him and force the deleting of the initial clip. Not cool, Samsung, not to mention PR 101 says you can’t just sweep something like this under the carpet. The best you can do is admit the manufacturing boo-boo, apologize and follow the age-old approach “our client, our master”.

Long story short, that’s where Nokia entered the picture, publicly offering to send (free of charge, that is) Ghostlyrich a “Nokia Lumia so you can experience how customer service should *really* work”. Notice the emphasis on “really”? The Finns’ public relation department sure knows how to handle its business, eh?

No words yet on the exact Lumia model the former Samsung fan will get under his Christmas tree this year, but rest assured, it won’t be a cheapo 520. My money’s on the 1520 or 1020. Lucky dawg! I wish my Samsung would explode one of these days. Oh, right, I don’t own one. Burn!

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