Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app updated with video upload and native iPad support

Feature parity with its Android counterpart has finally been achieved with the new Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS.

There are already a lot of services and apps out there that let users save their pictures to the cloud. Apple has its very own offering called Photo Stream, whereas Flickr is just one of the popular services that is used for this purpose. The Amazon Cloud Drive Photos service is quite popular as well, however its iOS app has lacked crucial features for a long time. About a year and a half back, the service’s Android app got support for video uploads, whereas the iOS app gets this feature in the latest update.

Users now have the option to upload videos of up to 20 minutes in length to the service, the file size is limited to 2GB, which should suffice for most personal videos. Moreover, the auto-upload feature which debuted on the Android app earlier this year has been added as well. The feature will run through the camera roll and upload everything that hasn’t already been uploaded to the cloud, and it will automatically upload new photos and videos whenever the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

The app also finally receives native iPad support, which makes it compatible with the conventional iPad as well as the iPad mini. All users get 5GB of free cloud storage space, while the app itself is a free download.

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