Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Southwest Airlines offers iMessage access in-flight for $2 daily

Apple’s homegrown instant messaging service can now be used in-flight for just $2 per day.

With FAA relaxing rules related to use of personal electronic devices during all stages of the flight and the increasing availability of in-flight Wi-Fi, more people are bound to keep connected throughout their entire journey. Gone are the times when you could only tweet, Facebook or iMessage when the plane was firmly on the tarmac. Southwest Airlines’ new iMessage access plans will make it much easier, and cheaper, for passengers who merely wished to be connected to the service throughout the flight without having to spend more money on a in-flight internet access plan.

It is quite like that Southwest only opens up iMessage related ports for those users who pay $2 to be connected to the service. The airline also offers a variety of other in-flight Wi-Fi plans for passengers who want to be able to use social network apps, to access emails or even browse the internet. For a limited time the airline is also giving all passengers access to 13 live TV channels on iOS devices and laptops for free.

The in-flight Wi-Fi service isn’t available on all Southwest Airlines flights flying within the U.S., the Caribbean or Mexico. It has a tool on its websites that passengers can use to check if their flight offers in-flight Wi-Fi.

Source: Macrumors

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