Friday, December 13, 2013

Nero launches BackItUp 2014

Nero continues its efforts in the cloud storage market, launching its BackItUp 2014 service for PC and Google Android users.

Software maker Nero has launched BackItUp 2014, a cloud-based storage solution for customers to save information from PCs, laptops, Google Android tablets and smartphones into the cloud.

Both a free and paid service are available for interested users.* The free service offers 5GB of online storage space, manual backup, and social media-enabled sharing features.

Users can choose from a 1-year paid $49.99 subscription which provides a number of added benefits: automatic and scheduled backups, integrated Google Android device backup, encryption, and mobile access to the cloud, music and video streaming.

Here is what Jurgen Kurz, Nero CEO, said in a statement:
“I find it frightening that, today, virtually all PC and mobile users painstakingly protect themselves from malware, Trojans or phishing attacks – but only about 15 percent of users regularly back up their data. Thirty-five percent of PC users have never run a backup in the first place.”

Cloud computing is finding a good use both in the consumer and enterprise markets, and Nero’s continued effort to evolve has steadily led to the cloud. *Instead of users burning CDs and DVDs, there is a continued transition to streaming and cloud-based solutions.

Most users should be able to sign up for the free service and have plenty of online storage space – but business workers and users needing additional features can consider the 1-year subscription.* The Android app that allows device data backup to PC or memory card (PC must have BackItUp 2014 installed.

Consumers have a variety of different services, both free and paid subscriptions, available when it comes to off-site, cloud-based storage.* Companies such as *******, LiveDrive, Barracuda Networks, Google Drive, and SkyDrive are fighting over users, providing increased storage capacities and enhanced features.

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