Friday, December 13, 2013

Disco-grooving athletes are more skilled than others?

A study currently being conducted by a pro hockey team is indicating that disco-going athletes may be more skilled than their non-groovy counterparts.

Researchers and NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes are adapting stroboscopic eyewear to their athlete’s training.* The strobe eyewear functions similarly to that of strobe light found in dance clubs, wherein, the eyewear’s lenses alternate between various states.* Wearers are subjected a certain amount of clear state, and then to various levels of opaque states which range from 67ms to 0.9s.

During the athletes’ 16-day of training utilizing the strobe eyewear, in conjunction with other training routines, researchers found that the group utilizing the flashy scope had their skills improved by 18%.* These skills include things like performing difficult skating maneuvers before taking a shot on goal, and skating in circle before slapping the puck to pass.

“That 18% improvement for on-ice skills for professional players is huge,” said Stephen Mitroff, one of the researchers involved.* “This is a dramatic improvement observed in professional athletes.”

The sample size is too small to solidify the tool’s true effectiveness in improving an athlete’s skillset, but Mitroff is confident that the effect of the strobe eyewear is real and that athletes will likely experience some improvement to their game.

Source:Duke University

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