Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mac Pro release could take place soon

The completely revamped Mac Pro release might just be around the corner.

Earlier this year Apple confirmed rumors that it was working on a revamped Mac Pro by teasing the machine at one of its product events. Later it revealed more details about the Mac Pro as well as the hardware specifications. The company said back then that the release should be expected around December 2013, however it did not provide a concrete release date. So far Apple hasn’t said anything about a Mac Pro release, but a number of signs indicate that the release might not be far away.

Apparently members of Apple’s business team have been reaching out to business customers to offer pricing for built-to-order configurations. The company itself didn’t say much about pricing for these configurations, it only revealed that the stock models will come in around $2999 and $3999.*Given the scalability of internal hardware that Mac Pro offers, its highly likely that majority of the customers will go for custom build configurations. Some customers report that they have already started receiving quotes from the business team.

It should be kept in mind though that pricing offer by the business team is going to be slightly lower than retail pricing, because they are authorized to give nominal discounts. A quote received recently pegged the price at $4464 for a built-to-order high end Mac Pro with additional RAM and internal flash storage. With the holidays fast approaching, its possible that the Mac Pro might be released in the week prior to the holidays. If not, then perhaps Apple might not technically be able to achieve its timeframe of a December 2013 release.

Source: Macrumors

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