Monday, December 16, 2013

Indie hit 'Minecraft' launches on PS3 tomorrow

Mojang’s celebrated voxel-style indie Minecraft has been confirmed to launch on Sony’s PlayStation 3 tomorrow, making yet another transition in cross-platform dominance.

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Gamers knew that Minecraft was coming to Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, but the timing wasn’t really known.

Now Mojang, the indie studio behind the indie juggernaut, has teamed up with the PlayStation Blog to reveal that the Minecraft PS3 Edition will be released in time for the holidays sooner than you think.

How soon? The voxel block-builder will be available on the PlayStation Store starting tomorrow, December 17 in North America, and the following day for Europe. Mojang tells us that gamers should expect it to cost about the same price as the Xbox 360 version, which is $19.99.

Additionally the PS Blog informs voxel fanatics that the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita flavors of the game are currently in development, but there are now solid release dates at this point. We should expect those versions sometime next year.

Mojang goes on to clarify a few things about the PS3 version of Minecraft, clearing up a few misconceptions or questions that gamers have frequently posed. The Q&A covers queries centered around in-game content, and Mojang assures gamers that the PS3 version will be exactly the same as other console versions.

Sadly it doesn’t appear Remote Play will be included upon launch–but it might make its way in the game sometime in the future.

Q: Does Minecraft: PS3 Edition feature everything from the other versions of Minecraft?

Minecraft: PS3 Edition comes with everything present in other console versions. They’re pretty much identical to play, and will be developed in tandem from now on.

Q: Will Minecraft: PS3 Edition feature DLC texture packs and skins?

Downloadable skins and texture packs will be available from PSN soon after release.

Q: Will there be PlayStation-specific content?

PlayStation-specific skins and texture packs would be cool! Fingers crossed, eh?

Q: Will Minecraft: PS3 Edition feature Remote Play or compatibility with the PS4 or PS Vita editions?

We don’t know yet, sorry. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Q: Does Herobrine feature in Minecraft: PS3 Edition?

Probably not.

To date, the indie sensation has accumulated over 30 million sales across Xbox 360, PC and mobile platforms and remains one of the strongest games on the market today. The PlayStation 3 version will make the game more accessible to gamers, and will no-doubt deliver a hefty boost to those numbers.

Minecraft PS3 Edition will be available on Dec. 17, 2013 in North America and Dec. 18, 2013 in Europe for a price point of around $19.99. For more information, be sure to check Mojang’s official website.

Via PlayStation Blog , Mojang

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