Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bots dominate web traffic in 2013

Bots, not humans, dominated web traffic in 2013, according to data recently released by security service Incapsula.

In 2012, bots and humans were neck to neck in terms of the traffic they generated, but this year bots stepped up their game and trumped humans by more than 20%.* With data gathered through its network of some 20,000 customers, Incapsula determined that, in 2013, bots accounted for 61.5% of all wee traffic.* Humans, meanwhile, generated just 38.5% of the traffic.

The discrepancy between humans vs. bots traffic might seem troubling, but it’s not what it seems.* Incapsula speculates that only about a third of the bot activities are malicious in nature.* The majority of the bots are actually just crawlers (like the ones from Google) trying to index and record what’s out there on the information super highway.

Another worthy thing to note about the bots activity on the internet is that there appears to be less ‘spammers’ (i.e. the type of bots that post spam text/links in the comment sections below).* While the use of spam bots have gone down dramatically, the ‘Other Impersonators’ category has increased.* These impersonators, according to Incapsula, include marketing intelligence gathering agents, DDoS tools and other bandwidth consumption leeches that prevent normally quality sites from functioning properly.

Source: Incapsula

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