Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Analyst firm predicts the PS4 will conquer the next-gen market

Analyst firm DFC Intelligence announces that Sony’s next-gen PS4 saw the largest launch in console history, and also makes predictions that the Japanese-built system will lead sales charts.

(Photo: DFC Intelligence)

When Sony announced sales figures for the PS4, gamers witnessed a monumental stride in the industry. The Japanese console-maker had sold more than 2.1 million units across Europe and North America in the first two weeks of each region’s respective launch, making the PS4 the current record holder of the biggest console launch in history.

Almost half of that figure–1 million units–was sold in North America in the first 24-hour period alone, and Sony has kept up with the unprecedented demand by churning their factories at full pelt.*

Sony has currently gained the crown of next-gen predominance, and the firm of DFC Intelligence makes predictions that this won’t change any time soon–they believe the PS4 is projected to stay atop Microsoft’s Xbox One and lead console sales.

According to DFC, the PS4′s current stance in the gaming market is an indication that it will conquer the next-gen market for some time, and perhaps even keep the top spot for the entirety of this generation.

David Cole, an analyst for the firm, reflects the PS4′s stellar sales to the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2, which previously held the record for the most-sold consoles:
“The most successful console systems of all time in terms of total hardware unit sales were the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Wii,” says DFC analyst David Cole. *

“The PS2 and Wii also had the record for largest initial launch sales but the PlayStation 4 surpassed both those systems.”

While the PlayStation 4 does seem to be the more popular choice among consumers at the moment, it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft can shift the odds to their favor. As we all know, the Xbox One is $100 more than its angular contender, however it possesses a hefty bit of functionality, potentially giving more bang for your buck in terms of an all-around entertainment experience.

In terms of solid gaming, however, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has taken the forefront, but this might change if Microsoft can take full advantage of its upcoming cloud plans with Xbox LIVE Compute. Compute is purportedly able to beef up the console’s graphical fidelity along with a host of other features, and may even the playing field as far as gaming performance.

Sony’s answer to the cloud, however, is much more gamer-oriented. Gaikai is currently in the works, and plans to bring a slew of PlayStation 3 (and perhaps PS2 and PS1) games to the PlayStation 4, effectively granting a means of backwards compatibility.

Time will certainly tell which console reigns the market, but as both systems are in their early stages of evolution, it’s hard to say who will come out on top.

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