Tuesday, December 10, 2013

8.3-inch Nokia RX-115 (aka Lumia 2020) tablet is real, packs full HD panel

Following a bundle of unverifiable and somewhat fishy rumors regarding a possible “mini me” version of Nokia’s first ever tablet, the Lumia 2520, the first concrete evidence emerges out of India, apparently confirming the 8.3-incher will be no pushover.

The all-knowing Zauba, which claims to track each and every local import, has a filing dated for November 16 of a so-called “cellphone full touch device” Nokia RX-115. However, there’s no way that thing is a phone, since it sports an 8.3-inch panel, instead likely being one and the same with the previously rumored Lumia 2020, codename “Illusionist”.

The best part about the listing is we now have it in black and white this Lumia 2020 boasts Full HD resolution for a pixel density superior to that of the Lumia 2520. Also, there’s a nano SIM slot on board, so optional cellular connectivity is a near guarantee as well.

Meanwhile, though Zauba doesn’t spell it out for us, there’s but one top-notch chip that’ll go nicely with such an outstanding little display: a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. 2 GB RAM and a 6.7 MP Carl Zeiss camera are also in the cards, as is stylus support.

But here’s where things get shady. The slate destined for testing and evaluation made its way to India from China (?!?), not Finland or US, and is valued at roughly $155 (Rs. 9,423). That’s way off base, albeit maybe we shouldn’t take the estimate too seriously, since the RX-113, believed to be an international flavor of the Lumia 2520, is listed at $605 (Rs. 36,964), so considerably north of* its true worth.

Oh, and by the by, that RM-977 we talked about yesterday was seen in the meantime getting an Indian visa with dual SIM support. Finally, Nokia, a budget-friendly device tailor-made for emerging markets.

Sources: Nokia Power User , Zauba

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