Wednesday, December 11, 2013

T-Mobile iPhone and iPad upfront payment reduced to $0 for holiday shopping period

With the holiday shopping period just around the corner, T-Mobile offers customers an incentive to pick up the latest Apple mobile devices.

T-Mobile has made significant waves this year as it made radical changes to its business model. The carrier embarked upon its “uncarrier” initiative earlier this year, doing away with conventional 24 month contract plans. It opted for an equipment installment plan as well as an upgrade plan for smartphones that offers more flexibility to subscribers should they want to upgrade to another smartphone.

The latest deal is meant to cash in on the lucrative holiday shopping season, which is merely a couple of weeks in the distance.*Starting today, some of the most popular iPhones will be available from T-Mobile for $0 down. This is a limited time offer and it includes 16GB models of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. Both smartphones can be purchased with a no annual service contract simple choice plan, customers will have to make equal monthly payments of $27 and $22.91 respectively, despite having to put no money down initially.*The deal also extends to the iPads. 16GB models of iPad Air, first generation iPad mini and the Retina iPad mini are being offered for $0 down, with equal monthly payments of $26.25, $17.91 and $22.08 respectively.

T-Mobile’s limited time offer is expected to run through to the holidays. Customers willing to pick up any of the aforementioned devices may head to a participating T-Mobile retail store, select deals or to the carrier’s website.

Source: T-Mobile

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