Monday, December 16, 2013

Samsung wearable technologies shaking up industry

Samsung wants the younger generations to grow up with wearable technology that have major potential in high fashion and regular street apparel.

Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung powerhouse is expanding research and development into AMOLED technology that can be used in wearable clothing and flexible electronics. *The AMOLED industry is going to quickly evolve into a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2020, because of high global demand from numerous computer companies.

Samsung’s focus on wearable technology will involve using the new-generation “stretchable” AMOLED display, as the company realizes the traditional smartphone market is becoming saturated.* Samsung and rival LG are the only two companies able to manufacture curved displays on a wide-scale, as other companies trying to catch up. *If the smartphone industry is reaching a higher saturation point, being able to implement AMOLED into future products could give Samsung and LG a significant edge.

There were recent rumors that Samsung was preparing for an upcoming launch of 8-inch and 10-inch tablets utilizing Super AMOLED screen technology.* Its flexible screen would potentially open up the door to tablets that can be rolled up like a newspaper, or folded and put in a smaller pocket.

The Samsung Gear smartwatch uses a solid AMOLED display that outranks that of the Pebble and other competing products. *It’s a real-world look at how early adopters are receiving the unique design of the watch, and valuable feedback is now being collected.

The first-generation screen used in the Gear is far from perfect, as the 320 x 320 pixel screen provides a clear image, but color contrasts can sometimes leave something to be desired. Samsung will need to make some improvements and ensure future products have a bright, clear screen with good color contrast that doesn’t drain battery life.

Expect to see Samsung demonstrating wearable watch and AMOLED technology during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 next month. *Pricing will remain a factor for early AMOLED adoption, which is still in its relative infancy and is a hefty investment, but future product generations should yield better consumer savings.

Foldable screens and wearable electronics are major priorities for Samsung and LG, with both companies holding a significant advantage against other competitors.* Expect both companies to release products while others begin adding products to the pipeline.

There is great potential for smart watches, bracelets, clothing, and other consumer products that could one day utilize AMOLED on a more frequent basis.

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